Artist Envisions Futuristic Fort-Like Homes Designed To Withstand Hurricanes


Spanish designer Dionisio Gonzales creates surreal forts meant to endure natural disasters such as hurricanes. These fictional structures made of iron and concrete are hybrids of beach houses, bunkers and space ships, and are part of the artist’s latest series of designs entitled “Dauphin Island”.

More: Dionisio Gonzales, Instagram h/t: inhabitat


The artist designs otherworldly structures and carefully inserts them into existing landscapes through photographic manipulation. These physical sites are found on Dauphin Island, located in the Gulf of Mexico. The island of around 1,200 inhabitants is known for devastating hurricanes and storms that destroy most of the residences built on the shore.


Instead of proposing a temporary solution which would allow for a quick and inexpensive assembly, Gonzales envisioned fort-like structures meant to withstand heavy winds.


Cylindrical volumes and undulating concrete forms house apartment-like spaces designed for living in extreme weather conditions. Their grungy aesthetic makes the structures look like old futuristic buildings overgrown in vegetation and partly eroded by sea air. Part of an apocalyptic landscape, the houses speculate on the future of coastal areas where hurricanes and rising sea levels make living increasingly problematic.


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