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Haunting Photos Of A Deserted Island In Japan


These stunning photos reveal the forgotten and decaying beauty of a once-thriving island town in Japan. The town is called Gunkjima and sits about 15 kilometers south of Nagaski. The spot is well known as a forbidden treasure trove of dilapidated urban development.


Though the island’s security is notoriously tight, apparently it isn’t tight enough to keep Aussie photographer Shane Thoms off the island. And we’re glad he found a way in because his photos of the ghost town are utterly mesmerizing.


The town of Gunkanjima sprung up years ago as a housing development for people who worked in the coal mine there. But when the mine was shut down in 1974, the town was abandoned and the buildings left vacant and forgotten. Decades passed and the town began to rot and decay, slowly taking on the post-apocalyptic appearance it now posseses.


If you’re interested in seeing more of Shane Thoms adventures, follow him here on Instagram. He seems to be the king of exploring abandoned sites in Japan.


Via So Bad so Good, Spoon and Tamago

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