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Animus: Women As Women. Women As Men.

Marta. Also a photographer. We shot this in her studio.

Named for the Jungian “masculine inner personality as present in women”, ANIMUS is an all female, diptych portrait series by Canadian photographer Melanie Gillis. Each piece consists of two images of the same woman – one as female and one as male. Each subject was an active player in the image creation process, bringing her own wardrobe and ideas to the session, and often building her characters out of her own live, personality, and sense of gender. The transformations were each made through the use of wardrobe, makeup, and most of all expression and body language. Melanie Gillis has a studio in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, where she currently lives and works.

Melanie. This is the first one. It is a self portrait, shot in 1999.

Sabrina. Photographer and actor.

Hope. Massage therapist and fantastic rugby player.

Kathy. We shot this one most recently in Cartagena, Colombia. Kathy is due in less that two weeks.

Carol. Art director in advertizing.

Wynne. Painter in Guelph, Ontario. We have posed for each other for years.

Laura. Multimedia artist and entrepreneur.

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