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Stunning Photographs of Debbie Harry Painted by H.R. Giger, the Creator of “Alien”

One of the most amazing painters of 20th century was Hans Rudolph Giger, who had a tremendous influence on computer game developers, he is also worshipped by fantasy lovers.

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His style is so unique that there is no way to categorize him simply. HR Giger was the designer of Alien, probably the most famous sci-fi character shown on silver screen. His strange, enigmatic artworks are a combination of industrial stylistics and apocalyptic vision of the future. His pieces are as beautiful and fascinating as they are scary and repulsive.

Giger’s art was a point of interest for musicians known for their unconventional compositions. He worked for ELP, Danzig, designed a microphone for Korn. His diabolical pictures caught Debbie Harry’s eye, who commissioned from him an album cover. The result was a very unusual effigy of Debbie – without her characteristic, disheveled blond hairstyle, thanks to which the viewer concentrates on her face.

The artist put four spikes through her neck, cheeks and temple, which meant to symbolize the four elements of nature. It is a curious project, where beauty combines with pain and life with death, just like in all visionary pieces made by Giger.

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