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2021 Lavazza Calendar: The New Humanity

January. (Photo by Denis Rouvre/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

With the world feeling more distant than ever, photographers were this year called on to translate their vision of the new humanity into images seen through their own eyes.

From names like Steve McCurry, David LaChapelle, Martin Schoeller, Patti Smith and Save the Children International CEO Inger Ashing comes an appeal to reawaken individual sensibilities, in the hope that out of this long and difficult period a society can be reborn that places value on solidarity, inclusion, tolerance and sustainable development, values that also guide the work of Lavazza Group.

February. (Photo by Carolyn Drake/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

March. (Photo by Steve McCurry/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

April. (Photo by Charlie Davoli/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

May. (Photo by Ami Vitale/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

June. (Photo by Martha Cooper/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

July. (Photo by David LaChapelle/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

August. (Photo by Martin Schoeller/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

September. (Photo by Joey L/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

October. (Photo by Eugenio Recuenco/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

November. (Photo by Simone Bramante/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

December. (Photo by TOILETPAPER mirror/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

Lavazza Calendar front cover. (Photo by Christy Lee Rogers/2021 Lavazza Calendar)

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