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Absolutely Stunning Crocodile Photos, 65 Million Years In The Making


According to the majority of biologists, alligators and crocodiles are the least changed reptiles on the planet.


Over the course of 65 millions years, very little has changed about them and as a result they remain one of the few creatures roaming the planet that hark back to the Jurassic period. An old creature in modern times as it were.


But for all the nature programmes, documentaries and books you might have seen that reference them – you won’t ever have seen the common crocodile like this before.


Photographer Andrew McGibbon is the man behind the lenses of the eye-popping series’ Caiman Crocodilus’ (it’s actually the Latin name for the common caiman croc) which sees these ancient creatures captured in an entirely new light.


His dazzling photographs drenched in colour using various filters and lights, were all taken in front of a live audience. The reason for the audience was to capture that vibrant energy and vitality present in each animal.


The effect couldn’t have been achieved with crocodiles simply floating around in their nature reserve – here they look alert, watchful and curious.


Behind the scene:

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