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A Series Of Photos Show The Frogs Hitched A Lift On A Passing Crocodile

Photo by Tanto Yensen/Media Drum World Photo Agency

A group of frogs hitched a lift on a passing crocodile. The multi-coloured group of five amphibians appeared to thumb down a passing croc after getting tired on a long hop.

Photo by Tanto Yensen/Media Drum World Photo Agency

A series of photos show the frogs approaching the reptile and forming an orderly single file queue. They then hop on board one by one, until all five are sitting on the animal’s back.

Photo by Tanto Yensen/Media Drum World Photo Agency

Clearly comfortable in the croc’s company the amphibians wait patiently for their chauffeur to move. But the bemused crocodile doesn’t appear to be going anywhere in a hurry. The hilarious images were captured by Tanto Yensen from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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