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These Tiny Frozen Worlds will Give You a New Perspective


British artist Jenny Ayrton has taken the traditional “ship in a bottle” concept in a whole new direction. Her miniature scenes of everyday life are seemingly “frozen” in a solid piece of glass.


She’s created everything from tiny camping trips to delicate playground scenes. In case you were wondering, yes, she even made a ship to place inside the glass.


Ayrton’s inspiration for these little scenes comes from experiencing everyday life with her daughter.


” I have a young daughter and whenever possible I try to see the world from her viewpoint, I find inspiration in the mundane and overlooked; a washing line blowing wildly on the first day of spring, an unknown couple on a park bench, a door ajar giving just a glimpse of what lies within…”, Jenny says.


The outcome for each one is always a little unpredictable. Due to the unpredictability of the flow of the glass, each piece is slightly different and spontaneous.


Via Fubiz, So Bad So Good

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