Confectioner Creates Exquisite Cookies That Look Inedible, in a Good Way

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes, but few look as exquisite as those of Costa Rican confectioner Lorena Rodriguez, founder of Lorena’s Sweets.

Looking at the edible works of art created by Lorena Rodriguez, once doesn’t know if to eat them or hang them up on a wall somewhere, for everyone to see. Some of the experienced confectioner’s cookies certainly don’t look like the variety you find in most cookie jars, that’s for sure. They range from realistic-looking paintings with elaborate, gilded frames, designs inspired by rococo architecture, and edible Christmas decorations. They consist of a Danish-style cookie expertly decorated with a high-quality fondant molded into shape using silicone molds.

More: Lorena’s Sweets, Instagram h/t: odditycentral

Lorena Rodriguez has been baking cookies for over 25 years, but up until a few years ago, she only made them for friends and family. Then, one day, a friend asked her if she could package them nicely in a gift box, and this gave her the business idea for Lorena’s Sweets.

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