These Bee And Insect Hotels Are Designed To Add A Pop Of Color To Backyards And Help Tiny Creatures – Design You Trust

These Bee And Insect Hotels Are Designed To Add A Pop Of Color To Backyards And Help Tiny Creatures

Designer Boleslav Daska of DILNA HAMMER, creates a variety of little bee, butterfly and insect friendly hotels for gardens.

The Bee Hotel takes on a hexagonal shape similar to the shape of a honeycomb and creates many hiding places for non-aggressive insects like solitary bees and ladybugs.

The BumbleBee House has been designed specifically for bumblebees as it has a built-in hallway that leads to an interior filled with wool where the bee can create its home.

The Butterfly House has two slots that allows butterflies and moths to enter and find respite out of the elements. Inside, there’s a couple of wood pieces placed at the back of the house that allow them to rest.

More info: DILNA HAMMER (h/t: contemporist)

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