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Yup, We’ve Found The Most Terrifying Church In The World


Here’s another excuse not to go to church! St. George’s church in the Czech Republic fell into disrepair in the 1960s after the cave fell in during a funeral. Taking that as a bad omen, locals abandoned the 14th-century-old church and held services outside rather than stepping foot inside the church. That is until artist Jakub Hadrava got involved.


Commissioned to make the church more attractive for visitors (and therefore making more money for repairs), Hadrava decided to install statues in the church. Sounds nice, right? Well, take a look at these statues – they’re bound to give you nightmares.

“The figures represent the ghosts of Sudeten Germans who lived in Lukova before World War Two and who came to pray at this church every Sunday”, says Hadrava.


“I hope to show the world that this place had a past and it was a normal part of everyday life, but that fate has a huge influence on our lives.”


Fun to look at in pictures but you couldn’t pay me enough money to wander into that church with those creepy statues.


Via Lost At E Minor

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