“Welcome To The Mystically Beautiful World Of Your Nightmares”: The Superb Digital Art By Stefan Koidl – Design You Trust

“Welcome To The Mystically Beautiful World Of Your Nightmares”: The Superb Digital Art By Stefan Koidl

What is hidden under the cover of night? Who can you meet in a gloomy forest? Whose footsteps are heard behind in a dark alley? Why did the floorboard creak in the empty room?

Imagined? The most terrible things are born not in the real world, but in our imagination. And this guy with the imagination is all right. The artist Stefan Koidl is inspired by the fact that frightens others, and animates in his fascinating works the most intimate fears.

Prepare a night lamp and stock up on sleeping pills, without it you today certainly will not fall asleep.

More info: Artstation (h/t: 1fuzz)

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