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“There’s No Safe Place in Humanity…”: The Terrifying and Bizarre Art of Peter Feiler

Dark scenes are revealed within the unconventional and highly emotive coloured pencil or ink drawings and paintings of the young Berlin artist Peter Feiler.

“I am not a missionary. I do not want to change people, but maybe I can make them uneasy through provocation which has the potential to inspire them to recollect something good within themselves.”

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Composed of single narrative factors and plots, whole world visions of atrocities that men can do to one other, surging from a claustrophobic constriction unfold through his delicate hatchings. Through the depths of mental agony provcated by the abysmal, the perverse and the darkness of life, Feiler seeks the allusive borders between the visible world and that of thought and imagination.

The latent aggression in the protagonists’ gestures and impersonations is put into perspective by the works’ mellow colours and delicate execution. Thus, luring the viewers into their worlds and abating them in false safety only to hit them with the full impact of the brutality that resides in the very darkest places within the human soul: abuse, violation, torture and child rape, sometimes merely alluded, sometimes in blatant obviousness.

Feiler is like a modern day Greek siren, attracting viewers by his beautiful skillful hand, and wispering them a lullaby filled with stories about the abject of humanity.

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