Otherworldly Pictures Of Northern Iceland

Last July, travel photographer Jesper Anhede spent a week shooting photos in Northern Iceland, one of 10 international trips he made from his home in Hjo, Sweden in 2013.

Anhede found these wild horses in what’s known as the horse valley in northern Iceland. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

Icelandic horses are almost pony-sized, but they live long and hardy lives and contract few diseases. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

Icelandic law doesn’t allow horses to be imported, and once a horse is exported, it can’t return. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

Goðafoss is also known as the Waterfall of the Gods. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

In the year 999 or 1000 the Lawspeaker Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði made Christianity the official religion of Iceland. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

According to legend, after the Lawspeaker’s conversion, he threw the idols of his Norse gods into Goðafoss. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

This shot comes from the rim of an old volcano. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

This vast mountain and sky scape in northern Iceland reminded Anhede of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Mordor. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

While driving across the country from south to north, Anhede stopped the car to get this one mesmerizing shot. “The light and the landscape put on such a great show,” he wrote. “This is the only photo I took from this place because I stopped in the middle of the road and I did not want to hold up the other cars.” (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

Anhede said Iceland can sometimes look like another planet. “With sun and rain going in and out all the time, the sky is dramatic,” he wrote. The rocks seen here have yellow moss growing over them. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

In addition to the nature shots, Anhede also photographed a destination wedding in northern Iceland between an Icelandic bride and a Swedish groom. (Photo: Jesper Anhede / Business Insider)

Credits: Business Insider

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