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Breaking the Boundaries: Visual Exploration of Tourists versus Travelers


Holidify, an influential platform guiding users to discover remarkable travel destinations across Asia, has unveiled a thought-provoking series of images that explore the distinction between tourists and travelers.

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Rohit Shroff, co-founder of Holidify, shed light on the project and the platform’s inception. Shroff and his friend Kovid Kapoor, fellow co-founder, had long aspired to establish their own company. Their shared passion for travel and the realization that comprehensive and reliable information was lacking in the industry led them to launch Holidify in 2014.


The ‘tourist vs. traveler’ illustrations were initially inspired by a casual conversation among team members, highlighting the unique perspectives and approaches to travel. Shroff emphasizes that the key difference lies in travelers’ willingness to step out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in local cultures.


Holidify aids travelers in planning trips across Asian countries, expanding its reach to Australia, Africa, and Europe. Through their travel guides, users can choose destinations, explore attractions, and access vital information. The platform also offers customized packages through their network of over 3,000 travel agents and collaborates with online travel agencies to curate hotel listings.


Shroff notes that travel trends vary by season and destination, with a surge in interest after the pandemic and an increasing preference for remote work combined with vacations. “Instagram-friendly” locations hold appeal for many travelers, with unique experiences and visually captivating spots gaining popularity.


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