What Do You Do When Someone Travels Around The World To Copy You


Some cases of plagiarism are the usual copy-the-photo-and-present-as-their-own, but this one just tops them all. At the base of the story are Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris two travel photographers and some of Instagram’s power couples, and Instagram’s favorite travel power couple with just over two million followers combined. An instagramer, @diana_alexa, is not only following the couple, but copying their every photo, down to the smallest details, like wardrobe, hards, composition, even the food. While copying someone’s work is never a good thing to do, the amount of investment needed to copy someone who constantly travels around the world is just unconsibile.

More info: Gypsea Lust Photo, Lauren Bullen, Jack Morris, @diana_alexa (h/t: diyphotography, @dametraveler)


“Also the amount of time and pre-organising she put into arranging the outfits, I don’t promote and tag everything I wear, so that would have taken a lot of time and work, even down to the anklets and necklace. Not to mention the cost of all this- those outfits and accommodations don’t come at a cheap price. A lot of what jack and I do is work with companies and brands to create imagery & promotion- this is our business and how we are able to continue to create this for everyone. I woke jack up to show him what I had been shown in the middle of the night and we both were extremely confused and shocked & I quickly took screen shots of all the posts, Jack was already blocked.. probably because one of her images wasn’t even hers, she had just taken jacks picture and posted it as her own,” Laura wrote on her website. So freaking creepy!


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