Gods & Beasts: Raw Portraits Show An Ambiguous Hierarchy Between Humans And Animals


A solitary voyage through Europe and Asia, led Rémi Chapeaublanc to Mongolia. The discovery of this country, where Man has not yet desecrated Nature, fed his thinking to create the photographic series Gods & Beasts.


In these lands, men and animals depend on ancestral ties that are both sacred and necessary. It is an archaic and visceral relationship in which equivocal domination games are put into questioning.


Which are the gods, and which are the beasts? Or rather to whom are they the Gods and for whom are they Beasts? Gods & Beasts consists of raw portraits.


While there is an ambiguous hierarchy between men and animals, this series – created outside of a studio, in the original environment – overcomes this cultural order.


This work of bringing into the light these relationships – in an almost ceremonial manner – places these Gods and Beasts for once on equal footing. The viewer is thus left the sole judge of the boundary between animal and divine.


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