37,4°: A Photographic Project of Carlo Pettinelli

37.4 degrees is the limit temperature with which you are officially declared “healthy”. At 37.5 ° you enter the anti-Covid-19 control field (you cannot enter the workplace and in all those places where the temperature control at the entrance is in force). This is our life in these strange days and looking at the world with new eyes seems to be an obligatory path, to be taken with decision, not so much as a defense from the invisible (for that there are norms and common sense), but for understand our time.

More: Carlo Pettinelli, Facebook h/t: dodho

The photographs were taken by the photographer Carlo Pettinelli during the quarantine, and subsequent “phase 2” of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 in Rome, with a thermal camera, which combines the thermal spectrum with the visible image with a dual camera. – No digital post production has been performed.

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