15 Pics Of The Landscapes Of Iceland That Look Like Fascinating Paintings

Swirling glacial rivers.

According to Dutch photographer Albert Dros: “Everyone knows that Iceland has amazing landscapes throughout the whole country. But Iceland doesn’t only look beautiful from the ground. It also looks incredible from the sky.

On a recent flight, I had the opportunity to expand my aerial portfolio and focused on mostly top-down images. Photographing top down is not easy. The landscapes look completely different than you’re used to. It’s like seeing a whole new world.

New views go by every second and you have to be quick to capture them properly. All these top-down views really look like paintings, hence the name of this series. Rivers, ground textures, valleys, they all look very different from a top-down perspective. The advantage of using a plane is that you can quickly fly everywhere and your perspective is much higher as opposed to using a drone.

Special thanks to Haraldur aka Volcanopilot for being a great pilot!”

More: Albert Dros, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Top down abstract of the bottom of a wide river. The bottom texture looks like blue flames.

Simple top down view of the waves on the black of the Icelandic beach. The black sand with the white waves makes up for a great contrast.

Different colors of different mud and glacier streams coming together out of the mountains.

Sunlight hitting the greens in a valley in the Icelandic Highlands.

The autumn red combines with the blue of the rivers makes a beautiful complimentary color pallette.

An abstract view from the bottom of a glacier stream. I can spend hours taking pictures like this. They all look like paintings.

This flight was in late autumn with lots of autumn red colors covering the valleys.

A river formed like a smoke finding its way into the ocean.

Flying next to the Icelandic coast with interesting textures in the water. The color of the water almost looks like tropical here.

Black & white abstract of river flows.

Another close up abstract in the form of an arrowhead or an organ. Whatever you want to make of it!

Harsh light on a bunch of streams. It looks like they’re forming the roots of a tree.

Rivers along the coastal areas with lots of different textures combined. It looks like a water painting.

Big rivers mounting into smaller streams. The excerpts are like organisms on their own.

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