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Embroidery Meets Hyperrealism: Artist Cayce Zavaglia Creates Stunning & Realistic Embroidered Portraits


Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Cayce Zavaglia is an artist who has beautifully transitioned from painting to embroidery, crafting hyper-realistic textile portraits that are nothing short of exquisite. Her creations are so flawlessly executed that they could easily be mistaken for traditional ink paintings when viewed from a certain distance. Continue reading »

A Study in Melancholy: The Metaphysical Art of Eric Lacombe


Eric Lacombe, a graphic designer, digital artist, and painter, delves into the depths of human emotion through his work. His artistry is a journey into melancholy, a sentiment often perceived as negative but is an inevitable part of the human experience. This feeling is frequently accompanied by fear, anxiety, and sadness. Continue reading »

Where Portraits Meet Cartography: The Mindblowing Art of Ed Fairburn


Ed Fairburn (previously), an artist hailing from Cardiff, Wales, has a unique talent for intertwining the contours of human faces with the intricate details of geographical and astrological maps. Continue reading »

Photographer Captures The Individuality Of Human Beings By Photographing People’s Faces And Their Irises


Alexandru Radu Popescu is a photographer who explores the theme of national identity and individuality through his project UNIC. He was inspired by four photographers who captured iconic figures and state leaders, and he wanted to show the personalities and lifestyles of his subjects. Continue reading »

Meet Vedran Stimac, The Artist Who Opens Portals on Faces


Vedran Stimac is not your ordinary portrait artist. He is a Croatian illustrator and street artist who has a unique and captivating style of creating surreal portraits. His artworks are more than just realistic depictions of famous faces; they are also windows into their souls and works. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images of The International Portrait Photographer of the Year 2023

Photographers of all skill levels have taken part in the competition, with Forough Yavari taking out the overall winning spot with her work Salvation.

Salvation by overall winner Forough Yavari of Australia. Born in Iran during the Iranian revolution, her work focuses on the narrative behind the lives of women. Photograph: Forough Yavaori Continue reading »

Meet Sofia Bonati, The Argentinean Artist Captivating the World with Her Dreamlike Women


Bonati’s women are depicted in a variety of settings, often with flora and fauna interweaving with their features, creating a sense of harmony and connection between the subject and their surroundings. Continue reading »

Artist Amy Corson Transforms Old Cassette Tapes into Fabulous Musicians’ Portraits


I’m thrilled to spotlight photographer Amy Corson, who creatively repurposes old cassette tapes into stunning musician portraits. Continue reading »

Unveiling the Artistry and Passion Behind Barista Brian’s Mesmerizing Celebrity Portraits

Daniel Radcliffe

Brian Leonard, affectionately known as “Barista Brian,” originally hails from the charming town of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Continue reading »

Beyond the Canvas: Lukasz Biel’s Journey into the Depths of Human Experience through Sensual Portraits


Step into the world of Polish artist Lukasz Biel, where color and graphite pencils become masterful tools for creating breathtaking drawings. With each stroke, he brings to life everyday moments that resonate with all of us. Continue reading »

Beautiful Bizarre: The Superb Fantasy and Horror Portraits by Ed Binkley


For more than thirty years, Ed Binkley has been producing stunning fantasy artwork. His exceptional creations have been showcased in a multitude of publications and he has partnered with esteemed entities such as Lucasfilm, ImagineFX, Wizards of the Coast, and Artifacts Puzzles, among others. Continue reading »

‘Strand Man’: A Revolutionary Leap in 3D Artistry Portraits by Lee Griggs


In the realm of 3D artistry, there are creators who defy the conventional, transporting us into realms of outstanding visual storytelling. Lee Griggs, a 3D artist based in Madrid, stands as a beacon of such imaginative prowess. His most recent series, dubbed “Strand Man,” has captured attention with its abstract and somewhat unnerving monochrome portraits. Continue reading »

Capturing the Human Essence: Celebrating Exceptional Portrait Photographers in AAP Magazine

Presenting the extraordinary photographers crowned as victors of ‘AAP Magazine #31: Portrait.’

Echoing the words of Henry Cartier-Bresson, the act of capturing a portrait is a formidable task. It demands the photographer to bridge the void between the subject’s outer facade and their inner essence. The realm of portrait photography spans a broad spectrum of styles and methods, from simple subject identification to intricate emotional exploration. It surpasses the boundaries of typical studio portraits and casual family photographs, maturing into a separate genre that lets photographers exercise their unlimited creative prowess.

A portrait holds the capability to provoke diverse reactions, ranging from illustrative and revealing to enhancing, questioning, or even disturbing. Despite the world teeming with countless faces, we are able to feature only a limited few in this fresh edition of AAP Magazine. In this issue, we take pride in presenting the viewpoints of 25 photographers originating from 11 distinct countries spread over four continents. Each of these gifted individuals communicates their unique personal stories and singular approaches to the craft of Portrait Photography.

The Winner: The Series “Perspective” By Nanda Hagenaars (Netherlands)
“Portrait where I shift my perspective and try new ways of looking and photographing. Squeezing one eye, finding composition and contrast.” Continue reading »

Exploring the Soulful Portraits of Alexandra Dillon’s Imagined Characters


Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Dillon has taken the art of portraiture to new heights by painting imagined people on found objects. From rusty axes to vintage padlocks, Dillon lets the object itself inspire the personality of the character she creates. Continue reading »

The Exquisite World of Stephanie Rew: Exploring Figurative Portrait Paintings with Textured Gold Details


Stephanie Rew is a talented painter based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who has gained attention for her exquisite figurative portrait paintings. Her work is distinguished by textured gold details, adding a touch of luxury and drama to her already impressive pieces. Continue reading »

Absolutely Amazing Pixel Art Portraits by Hatayosi


Hatayosi (ヨシミツ), an incredibly talented artist from Japan, uses Windows Paint to craft amazing caricatures of celebrities in a unique 8-bit style. The level of creativity and skill displayed in each of Hatayosi’s works is truly awe-inspiring. Continue reading »

Unveiling the Emotions of Female Portraits: The Masterful Art of Hungarian Artist Krisztian Tejfel


Krisztian Tejfel, a self-taught Hungarian painter, has carved out a niche in the art world with his classical portraits that evoke a range of human emotions. With a focus on capturing the complexity of life’s darker emotions, such as melancholy, depression, sorrow, and loneliness, Tejfel’s works delve into the essence of the human condition. Continue reading »

Capturing the Unbridled Hysteria of Beatlemania: LIFE Photographer Stan Wayman’s Portraits of Fans at the Beatles’ First US Concert


The Beatles are undoubtedly one of the most iconic bands in the history of popular music. Their influence on music and culture is immeasurable, with their impact felt not just in their home country of the UK, but across the world. Beyond the impact their music had on everyone from Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys to Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, The Beatles also sparked the era-defining phenomenon known as Beatlemania. Continue reading »

Flower Men of Saudi Arabia: The Fascinating Photo Series by Omar Reda


Have you heard of the “flower men” of Saudi Arabia? This fascinating tribe is famous for adorning themselves with fragrant garlands made from flowers and herbs. They reside primarily in the Asir province of the southern region of Saudi Arabia. Continue reading »

Meet Jyo John Mulloor, the Magician of Miniature AI-Generated Animal Portraits


Jyo John Mulloor is no ordinary graphic designer. He’s a master of his craft, and his work speaks for itself. With over 10 years of experience, Jyo John has worked on countless projects and has amassed a following of over 100K on Instagram. And the best part? He keeps sharing new and exciting art pieces, so the number of his followers keeps growing. Continue reading »

Digital Believers: A Digital Project About the Conflict Between the Real and The Virtual World


This is a series of works by Chinese artist NoirChen about the ardent supporters of digital technology that will emerge as a result of the conflict between the real world and the virtual. Continue reading »

How “Harry Potter” Characters Were Meant to Look According to Book Descriptions With a Help of AI

Bellatrix: (mid 40s) long shiny thick black hair, strong jaw, dark hooded eyes, thin lips, gaunt from long term imprisonment, still has vestiges of old beauty

Okay folks, let’s talk about the age-old debate of books vs. movies. We all know that books usually come out on top, right? And one of the reasons for this is that films don’t always do a great job of capturing the same images and emotions as the book. Like, have you ever read a book and formed a mental picture of a character or place, only to be totally disappointed by how it looked in the movie? Yeah, us too. Continue reading »

From Limp Bizkit to Navalny: Artist Creates Absolutely Amazing Cute Portrait Dolls

Wednesday Addams

Doll-making has been a passion for Julia Fedotova, the founder of DollsForFans, since she was a child. In her early years, she played with Barbie dolls and was drawn to changing their hairstyles, makeup, and clothes. At the age of 10, her grandmother taught her how to sew doll clothes, which further fueled her love for dolls. Continue reading »

Farmily: Photographer Shares Stunning Collection of Favorite Farm Portraits Captured Over Two Years


According to Tasha Hall: “I am currently the only full-farm portrait photographer in the world. We travel around creating “Farmily” portraits for farms all over North America. Continue reading »

Eliana Marinari’s Portraits: A Fusion of Dreamlike Atmosphere and Fuzzy Detail through Sfumato Techniques


London-based artist, Eliana Marinari, is a prime example of how a determined and passionate artist can overcome any obstacle to pursue their dreams. Continue reading »