Amazing Photos Of Mongolian Kazakhs Hunting With Eagles

Kazakh nomads have been grazing their livestock in Mongolia for hundreds of years. Fascinated by the bond between hunter and eagle, photographer Palani Mohan has spent the last few years documenting the burkitshi. Mohan’s photos of the landscape, isolation of the hunt, and most of all the trusting relationship between man and bird, convey the importance that the eagle plays in their lives. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

An eagle looks out over the stark landscape looking for it’s prey. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

An eagle looks for it’s prey in this stark landscape. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

A hunter looks out over the harsh landscape with his eagle. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

The golden eagle is the perfect predator with its massive wingspan, sharp eyesight and powerful, flesh-tearing beak and talons. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

The golden eagle is the perfect predator with its massive wingspan, sharp eyesight and powerful, flesh-tearing beak and talons. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

A hooded eagle is silhouetted on a wall. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

An eagle looks for it’s prey. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

A Kazakh family is surrounded by the eagle’s usual prey, fox, which provides a welcome meal for the hunter’s family, while the pelts can be made into warm clothing. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

A Kazakh hunter sits on top of his horse with his eagle. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

A Kazakh hunter has taken an eaglet from the nest, given it pride of place in their home and trained it. All hunters describe the eagle as part of their family. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

In this undated photo, an eagle is wrapped in leather and carpet to keep it warm and relaxed, despite frigid temperatures. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

In this undated photo, hunters with their eagles go out on horseback. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

In this undated photo, Mohan’s photographs convey the huge importance that the eagle plays in the lives of the last remaining Kazakh hunters. This is an enthralling, timely record of these noble men and their majestic eagles in a truly unforgiving part of the planet. (Photo by Palani Mohan)

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