Photographer Ludgero Filipe

Ludgero Filipe born in Lisbon, Portugal. Grew up in Sydney, Australia. Learnt how to ride a bike. broke his leg in the process.Grew some more. Fell in love with his parents Minolta X-700. Fell in love with film. Studied photography. Turned his room into a dark room. Studied advertising. Picked up a bass guitar. Started a band. Wrote a little.Supported a few big acts. Took more photos. Drew some pictures. Visited a few galleries. Recorded a few songs. Took photos of the band. Played on the radio. Left the band. Shot Sydney fashion week. Flew to Lisbon.Shot Lisbon fashion week. Had some free champagne. Went to the FTV launch Party. Had more Champagne.Flew back to Sydney. Shot a Gucci launch party. Shot a Lavazza Calendar launch party. Shot the GQ awards. Shot backstage for FTV at fashion week. Visited a few galleries. Learnt a lot from people. Crashed his car on a surf trip. Surfs badly. Met a French girl at a Hawaiian party. Went to Paris. Got married in Lisbon.Moved to London. Shot backstage at London fashion week. Shot a few portrait sessions. A few lifestyle shoots.Loves life. Loves Art. Loves all things Photography: Editorial – Portraits – Lifestyle – Food – Corporate.

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