An Artist Created Stunning Body Paintings Glow Under Black Lights


Artist John Poppleton continues to utilize the human body as a canvas when painting stunning landscapes that glow under black lights. From summery African savannas to energetic lightning storms, the body painter has the ability to capture various mesmerizing scenes on the curves of the human physique. These radiant vistas are centered on a subject’s back, but branch off to include the arms, legs, and even head. Some Bodyscapes also feature more than one person, showcasing Poppleton’s skilled abilities and the human form’s great potential.


“Coming from a photographic background, I want my paintings to be as photorealistic as possible,” the artist wrote on Bored Panda. “In a darkened studio, I’m literally painting with light. From the artist’s perspective, it becomes a very surreal and even spiritual experience.” Those that view photos of Poppleton’s work can experience similar feelings as they gaze upon an illuminated figure who is decked out in incredible imagery.

Via My Modern Met

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