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Artist Aditya Aryanto Continues To Transform Animals Into Geometric Shapes – Meet Animal Balls!

After the Animal Cubes series and its strange geometric animals, here is Animal Ball, a new amusing project created by the Indonesian photographer Aditya Aryanto, who is having fun this time transforming animals into inflatable balloons!

“Animals are a part of our life and we must see them every day. In this project, I would try to visualise shapes for the animals. I tried changing their bodies and that was quite complicated. Imagination is always needed to make a new animal’s form. This time, I am trying to make them different; to be round. I was curious about the response, so I tried to upload them on Instagram, and the result was beyond my expectation. Finally, I made some categories, and one of them is Aniball (Animal Ball)

One of the most important things is Liquify tools from Photoshop, because it always supports me during the process.

I used some websites for my source, including Unsplash and Pixabay and also received much help from my friends who let me use their photos. So I want to thank all of them,” says Aditya Aryanto.

More info: Behance (h/t: ufunk)

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