13th Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalists


“A Little Monkey on the Cliff”. “A cold front hit the Nagano prefecture. I saw a little monkey enduring the cold in Jigokudani Monkey Park. This little monkey is really cute”. (Photo by Hidetoshi Ogata/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“Tension”. Black and white world. Smithsonian magazine received over 46,000 submissions for the 13th Annual Photo Contest divided into eight categories. (Photo by Denis Buchel/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“Under Pressure”. “This image was created underneath the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. The beauty of these glaciers astounds me to this day, but as we all know, they are disappearing worldwide. The image has the ability to educate the world and give hope. Hope that with the right mindset, we can preserve the beauty that surrounds us by living sustainably. This will ensure that future generations can enjoy the same beautiful images we capture through such photographs”. (Photo by Adam Taylor/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“Remaining on the Slopes of Mount Sinabung”. “Dry tree perch with volcanic material flowed Sinabung volcano blanketed villages dsesa, as seen from the village of Jeraya, North Sumatra, Indonesia, June 26, 2015. Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung intermittently spewed burning ash and gas. Warning in North Sumatra province was raised to its highest level last week as the government feared that the growing lava dome could collapse at any moment. More than 10,000 people have been evacuated to safer areas in Karo, where the volcano lies with high activity”. (Photo by Albert Ivan Damanik/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“The Martyr and the Wrap White”.
“I shot this photo in August 2015 in Rome. My girlfriend and my little son were far from Rome so I had free time for me, for my passion. I decided to have a small tour of some churches in Rome (where I’ve lived since 2005) because the temperature was too high to spend some time outside under the sun. I took some photos in Basilica di San Giovanni and after that, I went to the Scala Santa, which is close. Inside the Scala Santa, there is a holy stair used by pilgrims, who ascend the steps on their knees. I saw this nun going out downstairs towards the light of the sun, and I shot”. (Photo by Alessandro Sgarito/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“Orient Express”. “My bull terrier Claire photographed in an abandoned train, one of a series that I am currently working on. The series is called “Leave Only Pawprints: Urbex Adventures With My Bull Terrier Claire”. (Photo by Alice van Kempen/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“Leatherback pair”. “As often as I can, I go out and explore the world’s oceans with my cameras. I also strive to document the work of others protecting and conserving our environment, specifically in the world of sea turtle conservation. During nesting season, I go out with our amazing biologists, scientists and volunteers who help to protect and document sea turtle habitats in South Florida. These turtles face a huge battle of survival on their upcoming “travels”, and every person I can impact with their picture is a win!”. (Photo by Ben Hicks/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“Mother and Child”. “Long ladder, lots of care, the child traveling with mum was never left behind”. (Photo by Jian Wang/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“The Washing Machine”. “The Washing Machine” was taken from my quadcopter over the start of the La Jolla Rough Water Swim, otherwise known as the Gatorman. I was there taking photos of my fiance swimming in the event. It is one of the top ocean races in the United States. Swimmers line up in the cove shoulder to shoulder. At the start of the horn they all jump into the water at the same time, swimming as fast as they can to distance themselves rom the group. “The washing machine” is a term used by open water swimmers, referring to all the whitewater being turned up. The race is three miles”. (Photo by Kevin Dilliard/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“A Side of Tear Gas”. “I was on assignment for AJ+ covering clashes that had broken out in Hebron between young Palestinians and Israeli soldiers. Several blocks away, in an intersection with a market, I came across this booth. I watched the three men calmly place gas masks across their faces and continue to await customers. The scene struck me as so absurd, and yet so much a part of life there, that I asked them to take their photo. I was in the middle of live streaming, so I was holding the cell phone that was broadcasting in my hand while taking a quick shot without adjusting my settings”. (Photo by Shadi Rahimi/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“The Frame of Creativity”. “The craze for theater is still alive in Kolkata. The artist is getting ready before a stage performance”. (Photo by Sujan Sarkar/Smithsonian Photo Contest)


“Justin Hangin”. This photo is a finalist in the Mobile category. (Photo by Curtis Davis/Smithsonian Photo Contest)

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