An Artist Infused Colour Into A 100-YO Black & White Photo And The Result Is Beyond Stunning


Black-and-white photos have their own charm but they often make us wonder the alternative – would the people or objects captured look different in colour?

Artist Marina Amaral decided to give history an entirely new perspective when she started infusing colour into pictures captured in monochrome. Putting Photoshop to some good use, Marina reproduced many iconic pictures by bringing them to life in a celebration of colours, preserving their innate authenticity all the while.


Marina shared the photographs on Reddit and the response has been overwhelming. While responding to a Redditor’s positive feedback, Marina wrote:

“I do a lot of research and I try to respect all the historical details. There’s no way for me to know for sure what’s the hat color because it’s not part of the military uniform, so I chose it using my educated guess – I wanted to use a color that stands out in comparison with the blue of their uniforms, then red seemed to be a nice color.”


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