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World’s Eco-Friendliest Country, Bhutan, Celebrates Birth Of New Prince By Planting 108,000 trees


108,000 saplings were planted in the tiny mountain Kingdom to commemorate the first Royal Child of His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Her Majesty Queen Jetsun Pema.

h/t: boredpanda, treehugger


The Bhutanese constitution stipulates that at least 60 percent of land remains forested at all times, but this green-fingered celebration wasn’t just inspired by the country’s commitment to ecological preservation.


“In Buddhism, a tree is the provider and nourisher of all life forms,’ said Tenzin Lekphell, who coordinated the initiative. ‘It symbolizes longevity, health, beauty and even compassion.”


This isn’t the first time that Bhutan has made headlines for its epic tree-planting sessions. In 2015, the country set a Guinness World Record by planting almost 50,000 trees in just one hour. Which is proof, if ever you needed it, that while Bhutan might be small in size, it’s definitely big when it comes to awesomeness.


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