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This Guy Makes Sweaters Of Places And Then Takes Pictures Of Himself Wearing The Sweaters At Those Places

Do you wish you could bring your holidays home with you? Sam Barsky does just that through knitting incredible pictorial sweaters! Baltimore resident Sam learned to knit when he was 24 after seeking a new direction in life. Sam loved discovering a way to make something original and wearable that wasn’t available elsewhere. Before long he had an image in his mind of a sweater, but couldn’t find a pattern to match it.

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“After making two solid-coloured sweaters, I knitted one from a pattern of a world map,” he says. “I looked through patterns to decide what to do next, and didn’t like any. I had a vision of a sweater with a picture of nature on it, and thought I could just try to knit such a sweater without a pattern. I got to work, and though not the greatest piece of art, it was a success!”

He adds: “The next one came out even better. Now I’ve made almost 90 of them.”

Since starting on this journey in 2000, Sam has created dozens of pictorial sweaters, featuring natural wonders, iconic landmarks, animals and city skylines.

“I wish I could recreate every place I’ve been to in yarn,” he says. “Anything that catches my eye is a potential sweater.”

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