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Refuge Galindia: The Polish Slavic Pagan Resort That You Have To Visit


Well if you are bored of “always the same” mainstream hotels, this is something new. It’s a cool relaxing vacation packed with numerous adventures and fun theme that you or your kids would absolutely love to experience. This is a “Refuge Galidina” (Galindia Refugia) and it’s situated in Iznota near to Mikołajki in Poland. It’s well marked on tourist maps (or Google maps) so you should have no problem finding it, and also it’s situated nearby the river Krutyn and lake Bełdany, meaning it’s going to be a very pleasant nature endowed experience.

More info: Refuge Galidina, Facebook (h/t: slavforum)


Galindia, the land of the historical tribe of Galindians, is located in the peninsula by the mouth of the Krutynia River to Bełdany Lake. It covers the area in the centre of the Piska Forest, within the confines of Masurian Landscape Park.


The facility is a set of strongholds at a peninsula, protecting Galindia from Śniardwy lake side, where it was often attacked by aggressive Yotvingians. Massive stronghold provides quiet and undisturbed rest in cosy chambers. Comfortable terraces provide opportunities to enjoy the view on the Bełdany Lake. Such attractions are offered as Feasts in historical costumes, looking for amber, ship excursions, tribal battles and many more.


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