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Creative & Beautiful Photos Of The Dogs At Home During The Lockdown By Ria Putzker

According to a photographer: “Hello, I am Ria Putzker, a 23-year old professional photographer from Austria and my favorite thing in the world is photography. My main subjects are all kinds of dogs! I love to show their unique personality and want to bring a smile to those people who look at my photos.

Usually, I photograph them outside with natural light, but last year a lot changed for all of us, and I couldn’t take my usual photos. So I had to come up with something new. I decided to take the photos inside our home, shooting only our family dogs: my very own dog, Kooikerhondjemix Maki, Shepherdmix Eddy, Dachshundmix Phoebe, and Pomeranian Ginny. All of them were adopted from a shelter and found a loving home with us. They absolutely love to pose and it is always so much fun to work with them!

Here is a selection of my favorite photos taken during the last 12 months. Each photo follows a specific theme which is mentioned in the title!”

More: Ria Putzker, Facebook h/t: 121clicks

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