Star Wars Millennium Falcon-Style Home In Australia


A luxurious futuristic mansion is set to be a force on the property market – because it looks like the Millennium Falcon. The stunning four-bedroom Alkira in the Daintree rainforest, near Cape Tribulation, in Queensland, Australia, has attracted comparisons to the iconic Star Wars spaceship with the battleship grey colour and shape of the home bearing a stark resemblance Han Solo’s legendary craft.

h/t: dailymail


The space age home, which was built in 2009 after being drawn up by Melbourne designer Charles Wright in 2006, has been a star in the tropical forests in eastern Australia and has even scooped a 2014 Queensland architecture award. Owner Rod Perry, 68, insists that the out-of-this-world design is the work of a ‘genius’ and it has inspired homes in equally humid climates in Asia.


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