A Family In Belarus Lives In A Very Small And Tiny Awesome House

A family in Belarus finds themselves comfortable in this new mini house they built. The square space of the habitat is just 16 m2 or around 160 sq ft. They are a family with a kid so it is around 5 m2 per person, including a bathroom, a kitchen an living space.

h/t: englishrussia

The idea to move out to such a small house came to them when they found themselves giving a lot for their monthly rent. So they figured out they can instead build a micro house and save on rent.

They have to use the place to its maximum. They sleep above the living room and down under their kitchen they have a storage place.

They used isolation to be able to live here for the whole year round. They use natural gas and electicity for heating.

Inside house seems to be much more spacious than inside. They even have a shower.

They also live with a dog. And it finds itself ok inside with them too.

They built the house themselves. The total cost of the materials and all effort was just $4600. Together with furniture, household electrics etc. So the house paid off really quick as they paid more than $500 for a rent in Minsk.

It’s pretty much more spacious if to look from inside.

Here is the family all together.

Here is a house inside. Below kitchen on the left you can see a washing machine.

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