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This Solar-Powered Ecocapsule Lets You Live Off-The-Grid Anywhere In The World


If your fantasy is to live totally off-the-grid anywhere around the world, that dream just got one step closer to reality.

More info: Nice Architects (h/t: Inhabitat)


Nice Architects just unveiled the first photos of their incredible egg-shaped Ecocapsule home – and the tiny solar and wind-powered dwelling will be available for sale later this year.


They has already completed a prototype, and they plan to ship the first units as soon as Spring 2016 – check out the first photos of this low-energy sanctuary after the break, and picture yourself living the dream.


The Ecocapsule is a micro-shelter that packs an impressive sustainable punch—the ultra-portable house is powered by solar and wind energy, and also includes rainwater collection and filtration.


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