Breathtaking Photos of the Deadly Storms Around the World

Talk about being in the eye of the storm! These stunning snaps show breath-taking storms from an extraordinary up-close perspective. Taken by daredevil storm chaser Dennis Oswald, from Neuss, Germany, the amazing pictures capture spectacular storms from around the globe. Having chased storms for nearly 15 years, experienced Dennis gets right in the action to get these incredible shots. Here: scenic mothership supercell just north of Howard, Kansas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Amazing supercell with setting sun underneath. Perfect structure and light on this beautiful storm in Kansas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

A beautiful mothership supercell is approaching my location in eastern Colorado. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

A huge supercell storm is moving through northern Texas just after sunset. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

A tornado tears through the Great Plains in Rozel, Kansas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Incredible supercell storm near Henrietta, Texas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Northern Oklahoma storm clouds. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Awesome supercell scenery in Decatur, Texas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Lightning in Kansas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Huge storm is approaching desert Artesia, New Mexico. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Storm clouds coming in. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Tornadic supercell is crossing I-40 just west of Amarillo, Texas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Incredible shelfcloud from a supercell in northern Kansas at sunset. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

An EF3 tornado rips through a windmill-farm. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

The valley of fire, Nevada. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Very strong Bow Echo approach just west of Jlich, Germany. This one caused massive damage to buildings on trees everywhere over the place. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Incredible lightning show in Hugoton, Kansas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Tornadic supercell crossing Hwy 281 near Seward, Kansas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

Nice storm scenery near Pratt, Kansas. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/Caters News)

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