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This Cafe In Germany Gives Customers Hats With Pool Noodles To Keep Social Distancing

European countries are starting to slowly come alive again. One of them is Germany, where previous restrictions enforced by the state-wide lockdown measures are being relaxed. This is unsurprising as Germany’s been regarded as one of the countries that has dealt with the pandemic extremely well.

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As of 14 May 2020, 174,948 cases had been reported with 7,928 deaths and approximately 150,300 recoveries in the country. On 6 May, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the goal of slowing down the virus had been achieved and that the first phase of the pandemic was over, while asking everyone to remain cautious so as not to cause a second wave.

On the same date, the federal government announced the lifting of more restrictions which gave an opportunity for restaurants to start working with certain restrictions. A cafe in Schwerin called “Café Rothe Schwerin” recently restarted its business by serving its patrons outside. It also made sure to space out the tables by 1.5m (4.9 feet) to keep some distance between the customers, which is what every restaurant ought to do.

However, the owner of “Café Rothe Schwerin”, Jacqueline Rothe, went the extra mile and came up with an ingenious idea to make sure the patrons keep their distance—pool noodles! Yup, you read that right. The business is using pool noodles attached to customers’ hats to help them with social distancing!

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