Daredevil Photographer Anna Arinova Captured The Awe-Inspiring Underground Labyrinths Across The Europe – Design You Trust

Daredevil Photographer Anna Arinova Captured The Awe-Inspiring Underground Labyrinths Across The Europe

Danilovskiy brook, Moscow, Russia.

Stunning silhouettes under European cities reveal the size and splendor of the continent’s urban foundations. Photographer and content-manager Anna Arinova, 28, from Moscow, captured the awe-inspiring labyrinths in Russia and Germany.

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Underearth Moscow Metallurgical Plant “Serp i Molot” (Sickle and Hammer), Russia.

Anna said, “I have been interested in under-earth tunnels for six years. Previously I was mostly fond of abandoned places”.

Kopytovka river in Moscow, Russia.

ZIL plant (“Zavod imeni Likhachova”, or the Moscow Joint-Stock Company “Likhachov Plant”) in Moscow, Russia.

Zolotoy Rozhok river in Moscow, Russia.

Regenwurmlager, Poland. The Regenwurmlager is an extensive underground fortification area constructed by Germany in 1920s-1940s, now in western Poland, near the city of Międzyrzecz

Regenwurmlager, western Poland.

Regenwurmlager, western Poland.

Regenwurmlager, western Poland.

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