Margarita Nikitaki Takes Claustrophobic Photographs Of Athens’ Cityscapes

Soil by Greek-Japanese photographer Margarita Yoko Nikitaki is a photographic project shot in Athens, Greece’s capital city. Margarita reached the top of Athens’ hills to observe the city as she looked for ideas on how to visualize the effects of human intervention.

“In the images we see a series of condensed, homogeneous and grey stacks of constructions, streets and city blocks that seem to be colliding with each other into a mass devoid of a horizon,” Margarita explains. “The pictures show the extensive densification of the Athenian cityscape that has been taking place over the last 100 years. What the images don’t show is that Athens is actually surrounded by four large mountains and several hills, but at ground level the bare soil has been replaced by cement, and the horizon has been replaced by the urban skyline.”

More: Margarita Nikitaki h/t: fotoroom

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