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Urban Exploration Photographer Reveals Abandoned Ferrari & MG Sports Car. Bonus: Lamborghini Diablo Goat Edition

Image: LeiV Photo; the abandoned Ferrari

Belgium-based urban exploration photographer LeiV Photo captured these interesting – perhaps even tear-jerking – scenes of classic cars slowly rusting away into oblivion in a barn or garage at an undisclosed location. Among them are an abandoned Ferrari and an old MG.

h/t: urbanghostsmedia

Image: LeiV Photo; the abandoned Ferrari

The Ferrari appears to be little more than an empty stripped-out shell, doubtless offering little beyond a logbook should a restoration (or rebuild) effort ever be mounted. Its distinctive form, and iconic prancing horse emblem, serve as decayed reminders that this was once someone’s pride and joy. Moreover, the photographs suggest that it may have been the victim of a fire.

Image: LeiV Photo; the abandoned MG

The MG, on the other hand, appears to be more intact, though no less rusted through following years of idleness. The engine is fitted and the classic MG badge still graces its elegant front. Photographed in HDR, the textures of rust and decay add extra layers to the subjects which almost offset their sad condition.

Bonus: Abandoned Lamborghini Diablo surrounded by goats

Image: Nylon; abandoned Lamborghini Diablo surrounded by goats

It’s made the rounds of the automotive and motorsport publications and websites. But like other abandoned supercars that have turned up online and spread like wildfire across the blogosphere, the circumstances behind its apparent dumping are hazy. Aside from our understanding that the photograph was taken in October 2011, we know very little about what appears to be an abandoned Lamborghini Diablo, parked in a field and surrounded by grazing goats.

Flickr user Nylon – who photographed the abandoned Lamborghini and added the tagline “Lamborghini Diablo Goat Edition” – hasn’t disclosed the unfortunate vehicle’s location, but comments on the page have questioned whether the abandoned supercar could actually be a replica.

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