Photographer Captures Mystery Scenes Inspired By A Reflection Of Our Natural Landscape As A Continuous, Celestial Entity

From the view outside of our window, to the far end of the Universe, it is one continuous landscape without limits. It flows undisturbed, dissolving into infinite forms that take the shape of everything we have ever seen, dreamt or imagined. Our world is celestial, sharing the same origin with the space that embraces our skies. Mountains and seas, the most familiar objects of our immediate experience still carry within them the magic of distant worlds. For this is one, inseparable landscape.

It is the memory of our nature that is reflected on the spaciousness of the Universe. The particles that make up our bodies were created through the reactions of collapsing stars. This is not a mere nostalgia for our origin, or for the heavenly bodies that created our own physical body. It is a feeling of intimately addressing the infinite Universe. There is something inside of us that is always connected with the quietude of this vastness. As in meditation, this infinite space becomes realized every time our mind gently gives way to a peaceful silence.

It is a silence that also extends inside of us, untouched by mind or matter. Through this oneness we may experience the serenity of a state in which everything arises as a manifestation of a miracle. The otherworldly beauty of our world becomes a reminder of this transcendence.

When we look at the stars we become nostalgic, as if a long forgotten emotion is awakened. An inherent intuition echoes, discreetly. It is the faint memory of our celestial origin, subtle like the light from the far away stars that travels through the Milky Way. The mind merges with the vastness of the Universe and for a moment there is no space or time, only the wonder of existence.

Petros Koublis is a New York and Athens based photographer. His relationship with photography started in 2000, after having dedicated some years in painting. Since then he has been developing his style through a constant personal exploration. His work has been presented in exhibitions, and frequently published on major Art & Design platforms and magazines all over the world. He writes for the US edition of The Huffngton Post.

More info: Petros Koublis, Facebook, Instagram, Huffpost

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