Russian Fisherman Posts Terrifying Creatures Of The Deep Sea, And People Want Him To Stop – Design You Trust

Russian Fisherman Posts Terrifying Creatures Of The Deep Sea, And People Want Him To Stop

Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov’s twitter account is flooded with photos of the most bizarre deep sea beings ever. The man behind the camera works on a fishing trawler in Murmansk (extreme northwest of Russia), and uses his phone to document the “monstrous” creatures that get pulled in the fishing nets. Some argue that the strange fish look like something from a horror movie.

More info: Twitter, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda, moscowtimes)

However, Fedortsov shows no signs of fear when handling the fish and even adds some sense of humour to his tweets. The pictures invoked some controversy and backlash with arguments such as deep sea creatures should be left alone.

Many of the deep sea beings die because of the change of pressure when brought to the surface, and this raises the question of whether they should be killed just for the sake of a sensational tweet. Plus, after seeing such creatures for the first time, people are afraid humans would destroy the delicate ecosystem of the mysterious beings.

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