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Pictures of Animals Posing as Humans by Svetlana Valyiskaya

Cat poses with balloons in a tux. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

It’s often said that pets and their owners can start to look alike, but these adorable photographs take the old mantra to a new extreme. They are the work of Svetlana Valyiskaya, from St Petersburg, Russia, who snaps pets in everyday poses in her spare time from her job as a commercial photographer.

The vibrant costumes and scenes, which Svetlana designs herself, have made the photos a hit in her native Russia – and it’s not hard to see why.

She said: “I really love animals, they are loyal, faithful and true and always interesting to work with – plus they never criticise the photographs afterwards”.

Reading the Metro, enjoying some Swedish meatballs. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Just chilling, in bed, with a paper, whatever. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Matching, daaaaarling. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Dinner time. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Fly me to the moon. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

This is the life. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Does this dress make my butt look big? (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Even cats have chores. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Hardcore hamster. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Corn on the cob for hipster kitty. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

No doubts about this cat’s preferences. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

Bathtime for these little pups. (Photo by Svetlana Valyiskaya/Mercury)

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