An Artist Transforms The Shapes Of Animals Into Cubes To Makes Them Definitely Look Straight Out Of Minecraft – Design You Trust

An Artist Transforms The Shapes Of Animals Into Cubes To Makes Them Definitely Look Straight Out Of Minecraft

According to artist Aditya Aryanto: “Hi! I’m Aditya from Indonesia. I tried visualising some animals in different form, which called Anicube or Animal Cube. I am interested in the cubical shape and trying to change some animal form into cubes. First, I was afraid if it would be nicer than the original shape. I was really curious about the results, so I tried to find some funny animal pictures to be changed into Anicube.”

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

“I found animal pictures from Unsplash and Pixabay. Once I collected, I started making these images in Photoshop. How to make a cube on animal body, I use the Liquify (Shift+Command+X). After it is formed and I think it is funnier than the original form, I uploaded to Instagram. I saw that many friends liked it, so I was challenged to make it more. So here is the result of my simple works. I hope you like it.”

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