Before LOLCat, There Were The Felines Featured In “Kittens And Cats: A First Reader” – Design You Trust

Before LOLCat, There Were The Felines Featured In “Kittens And Cats: A First Reader”

Before LOLCat, Grumpy Cat, Longcat, Nyan Cat, before all the famed kitties of the internet age, before the modern computer was but a glint in Mother Turing’s eye, there were the felines featured in the 1911 book, Kittens and Cats: A First Reader.

The book is a fantastical collection of eerily dressed feline, along with captions on each portrait. In the pages, we meet “Queen Cat”, “Party Cat”, Hero Cat”, Dunce Cat”, and more, taken by animal photographer Harry Whittier Frees. What’s interesting is how Frees managed to photograph the cats in such poses, since cameras of then didn’t have quick shutter speeds.


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