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Animals In Between Two Worlds In Realistic Paintings By Lisa Ericson

Based in Portland, Oregon, Lisa Ericson (previously) creates original paintings. They depict very realistic animals, with a surrealist twist. Half submerged, they evolve between two worlds, with an abundant flora. All of her paintings are done in acrylic on wood panels.

A medium chosen because of the artist’s preference, to paint on a hard surface. To build the final image of her paintings, Lisa Ericson uses several thin layers of paint. Often inspired by science, she explains adding the surreal twist we notified.

“I may read or hear about a scientific or environmental phenomenon and it provides a kernel of inspiration which can lead to a painting or an entire series” In order for each piece to become an intimate portrait, the artist uses a black background “to create the drama of the spotlight on my chosen subject”, she explains. Before adding “It singles them out, exposes their every tiny detail, and creates a void of the unknown around them” With regard to her works, she adds, “I think of the animals in my paintings as simultaneously representing the natural world and also reflecting our own human struggle and emotion. I like to draw parallels between the two”.

More info: Lisa Ericson, Instagram, Facebook h/t: fubiz

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