Hauntingly Beautiful Ophelia Paintings Seduce You From Beneath The Water’s Surface – Design You Trust

Hauntingly Beautiful Ophelia Paintings Seduce You From Beneath The Water’s Surface

Through a liquid lens, gorgeous flower-wreathed females gasp for air from below the water’s surface. Their hands and spindly limbs cling to bright and exotic floral arrangements as their bodies are ravished by lapping waves. Kari-Lise Alexander’s sublimely saturated paintings, part of a series called WAKE, are disturbingly beautiful. With just a glinting, sideway glance, Alexander’s painterly females have no trouble connecting with the viewer. Their relaxed forms are both provocative and vulnerable, and the aesthetic is reminiscent of the folklore-inspired paintings of Swedish artist John Bauer.

More info: Kari-Lise Alexander, Instagram (h/t: creators)

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