Beautiful Photos Of Vietnamese Street Vendors From Above

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

Photographer Loes Heerink spent hours waiting on bridges in Hanoi to capture the street vendors who walked underneath. She recently launched a Kickstarter project to publish a book of these images.

“In Hanoi there are a lot of street vendors who roam the city with their bicycles trying to sell goods, from vegetables to flowers”.

More info: Instagram, Kickstarter

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

“Most of the vendors are female migrants, who come to the city to earn a living”.

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

“I started this project for two reasons: I want people to see the beauty I see, and I hope they will look a little differently at street vendors”.

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

“I hope people will see the art that vendors create every day through their work”.

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

“This woman is in her late 70s. She still moves around the city selling fruit. She can’t carry the weight on her bicycle, so after collecting the fruit from the market in the morning she drops most of it at a friend’s place. She goes back multiple times during the day to restock”.

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

“I wait on a couple of bridges in Hanoi and some restaurants with a balcony for hours on end to capture the street vendors. I love to see how the women have stored the fruits and vegetables on the bikes”.

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

“I have had a lot of time to observe the women from a distance and they all seem to know each other; it seems to be a very small circle”.

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

“I once talked to a vendor after she sold me bad fruit. She said the man at the market had sold it to her, but she needed to get rid of it otherwise she wouldn’t make a profit during the day”.

Photo by Loes Heerink/The Guardian

“Buoi, the woman carrying the fake flowers, walks 10km every day. She is a Christian and wanted to go home for Christmas but it is difficult to earn extra money at the end of the year, when the demand for fake flowers is not very high”.

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