Slash Of Guns N’ Roses Got His Own Custom Bike Created By Adam Zdanowicz Of Mad Bicycles

Slash’s bike is a custom made one-off inspired by his guitar, the BC Rich Mockingbird. The idea of a surprise gift came from a Polish music celebrity Doda. Polish craftsman Adam Zdanowicz of Mad Bicycles created the concept and gave it wheels.

The bike is stuffed with details which Slash really loves. Skulls, guitars, snakes, guitars pics and a small hidden top hat. Slash loved all of them, especially the skull stem and guitar pedals.

He commented frame sayin “that’s my guitar!”

He also noticed how well the frame is adjusted to the rear wheel. The little top hat followed by the polish concert date is lasercut in the end of the tube close to the rear wheel. Here’s a video below showcasing the making-of of the bike on a little plate and mounted it on the saddle.

“I’ve been a Guns N’ Roses fan for 15 years and after meeting this guy I know I will be for a lifetime,” said Adam.

More info: Mad Bicycles, Facebook

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