Artist Turns Real Seashells Into Decorative Jewelry Dishes That Look Like Long Lost Treasure

Nowadays, many contemporary artists are looking for new ways to express their art in a different manner to others. They are abandoning the traditional canvas and instead using sometimes smaller but unexpected things. One artist who is actually famous for this is crafter Mary Kenyon from California.

She uses real seashells and transforms them into beautiful decorative jewelry dishes. Her work is very detailed and looks like pieces of ancient treasure that can be found on sunken ships. She is a self-taught artist and her inspiration comes from her father, who was a very talented oil painter.

Curious how her artwork is made? Kenyon’s designs are made by decoupaging an image onto the real seashell’s surface. Then, she carefully paints small decorative details in brass or Swarovski rhinestones. In this way, her artwork looks like from the Victorian era, perhaps belonging to an aristocrat.

So scroll down the page and check out her amazing artwork that looks like an ancient treasure you might find at the bottom of the sea!

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