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This Russian Woman Travels The World In Flowy Dresses To Take Self-Portraits In The Most Beautiful Places

According to Nina, a Russian woman who travels the world in beautiful dresses: “The photo project #MyDressStories created by me, Ninelly. I’m a blogger from Russia and I take you all to a magical world of breathtaking and magnificent places all over the world through the lens of my camera.”

“I’ve been travelling throughout the world telling my stories with elegant couture flying dresses. Some of my outfits are created by myself and I try to express my vision of different nature landscapes, cultures and national traditions. I try to make my photos look like an album full of fairy tale stories, that you could read from my pictures.

New Zealand, India, Scotland, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, what country will be the next?”

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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