Australian Bureau Of Meteorology’s 2018 Calendar

A full moon alongside the planet Mars shining through cirrostratus clouds over Kosciuszko national park.

Luke Tscharke/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

The annual calendar features stunning shots of lighting, cloud formations and the aurora australis. Hundreds of photographers from every Australian state and territory submitted images to the Bureau of Meteorology for selection in the year’s calendar, with only the best chosen to represent the full spectrum of Australian weather.

More info: Australian Bureau of Meteorology

January. Sunset through fog at Mount Hotham, Victoria.

Jon Bagge/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

February. A cold front brings powerful waves to Mornington Pier, Victoria.

Jennifer Erlandsen/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

March. A lightning strike over Mount Isa mines, Queensland.

Grant Szabadics/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

April. A path through the clouds between Townsville and Richmond, Queensland.

Captain Victoria Harrison/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

May. Central Sydney distorted by rain on a windscreen, New South Wales.

Nitin Saksena/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

June. Sunrise streaks through fog as seen from Mount Buninyong, Victoria.

Andrew Thomas/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

July. Lightning over Lake Argyle in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

Ben Broady/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

August. Asperitas clouds over Adelaide, South Australia.

Asbjorn “Aussie” Kanck/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

September. A storm cell seen across the West MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory.

Peter Nunn/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

October. Changing skies above Capital windfarm near Bungendore, NSW.

Seenivasan Kumaravel/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

November. Storms over the Exercise Kakadu fleet off the Northern Territory coast.

ABIS Kayla Hayes/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

December. Aurora australis over Davis station, Antarctica.

Barend Becker/Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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